Identity Theft

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Do realize that you are the son or daughter of a Great and Almighty King?

I have to admit there are times that I have forgotten my lineage of whom I am. My identity was lost or stolen. Looking back I can recognize how it happened.I had forgotten who my father was not my earthly father, but God the Father! That God the Father is almighty, active and present now. Do you know how much God loves you? This question is one worth pondering. For if we really believed we are His sons and daughters, we would be and act different. Our confidence would be in Christ and not in ourselves.So how did we lose our identity?

Here are a couple of things that I feel the enemy uses so that we would forget our lineage…

  1. Insecurity – With constant bombardment on TV, music, or advertisements saying you need to look like this; or if you had this you would be happy. These messages in a sense say to us we are not good enough. We have bought the lie and will spend the rest of our lives struggling to measure up with the standards set by the world.

  2. Sin gets in our way – We begin to shrink in our identity because of our sins. Why would Our Father want us with Him, if we are imperfect?

Our Godchild from the time she was little was a strong willed child. One of my favorite moments was when she was in her pretty Sunday best clothes and she wanted to dip her toes in a water puddle. The temptation to do so was strong! Her mama said, “Don’t you dare put your pretty new shoes in that water puddle!” Well you guessed it she did. Her mama grabbed her and sat her down. Our Godchild put her fingers in her ears and began shaking her head no saying “I’m not listening I’m not listening” It was so hard not to laugh at her and her mom bantering back and forth.

The reason I share this is we need to do the same thing. It is time to take a plan of action to retrieve your identity, through daily prayer; Reading and meditating over scriptures; and confession. Lastly, when those insecurities of I am not good enough sneak back in, imagine yourself with your fingers in your ear saying “I am not listening, I am not listening.”

When you remember who your Father is, you will remember who you are. The Sons and daughters of an Almighty King.

It is time for you to go get your identity back!

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