Yes, No or Maybe

A few years ago I worked for a campus ministry near the university where we live.

The student leaders and I would plan events and the typical response to our invitations were "maybe".

What I soon found out is "maybe" was a polite way of saying something better may come up. There is no surety with a "maybe" like there is with a "yes" or "no".

Let's face it we all have been tempted one time or another to do the same. By not responding with a "yes" or "no" it is like saying I am leaving my options open so I don't have to commit.


It is important to respond and then follow through with your words and actions. Because if you don't you will eventually loose respect for yourself.

A lack of commitment can cause people to lose trust in you or think you are undependable. Whereas, when your follow through on your word, you will feel empowered and have credibility.

Commitment is not a feeling, it is a decision. So the next time you are asked to do something, make the decision and stay the course. Follow through on your decision and let your yes be yes and your no be no. (Matthew 5:37)

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