A Progressive Faith

Rise Up Women of God; 1 John and 2 John; Scripture Study

A Progressive Type of Faith – From Rise Up, Women of God, Scripture Study 1 John & 2 John, by Lisa Fahey.

“John knew a particular group of people trying to offer a shiny object, to his brothers and sisters in Christ. When one looks at the meaning of progressive, it is easy to see that to derail people, it happens little by little. So perhaps we could agree that being progressive for the good or wrong happens gradually. I remember hearing an analogy on mediocrity. Pretend there is a live frog in a kettle of lukewarm water sitting on a burner. As the temperature of the water gradually heats up, the live frog does not even realize it. The living frog does not jump out, and the frog has cooked in a kettle of boiling water without knowing. This can be true when one considers a progressive faith, that calls you away from the foundation of truth handed down over 2000 years ago. I would think it happens gradually, without recognizing what is going on until the truth is lost.”

Do you recognize this in your life? Do you feel this happens slowly or quickly?

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