My Life's Anthem

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a lover of God.

I encourage others to be all they can be. To be an overcomer, not stop, quit or fall to defeat. Love with all my heart when it is easy or not. Living this life for the Glory of God. To live simply, humbly, and cherish every moment that I have been given.

To seek God in all things daily. By becoming more aware of His Presence. Searching God out with all my heart by forgiving others as God has forgiven me. To be prayerful for thy enemies.

To be the best wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. To share the love of Jesus with my husband, others and my children. To not stop until I have exhausted my all, in sharing the love of God. To remember that all the people in my life are placed here to help me grow in holiness.

To serve only God and no other idols. To have a servant’s heart and reach out to others. To not be haughty and seeking the approval of others. That in everything I do, points directly to Jesus and not to me.

To step out on my God given desires. To wait no longer! To be the best that God wants me to be. To not waste the talents and spiritual gifts He has given me. To remember that to whom much is given, that much is expected.

Not to sit passively and wait for what I am to be. To pray and discern God’s will and God’s way. Do not listen to those who say wait, wait, and wait. When God gives you the desire and wisdom, go and step in faith.

Get up, go out and start on becoming a saint. Be still only with God, and then after that Go be all you can be now. For today is the day He has given you.

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