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This past week, I was visiting with a young mom. She said, ” I don’t even know why I go to Church?” I knew her statement deserved a well thought out response.

I asked her why she was feeling this way and she stated, “I’m frustrated and pondering why I even go to church? I have two little ones, and my husband works nights and can’t always go to church with me and the kids.”

In spite of the obstacles, the young mom made the decision to go alone and take her two little ones to church. As she entertained them and kept them quiet, she couldn’t concentrate on Mass and therefore felt that she had not gotten anything out of church. She also said that her little girls, didn’t get anything out of church as well. In the end the question she was asking is, “Was the Church for her and her family, beings they had got nothing out of it.”

The bells and whistles were going off in my mind as she was sharing her story. I too had once thought the Church and Pastors were not providing for my needs. However, I learned that there is only one who can take care of my needs and that is Jesus. The church and priests aren’t supposed to entertain or provide for our needs. Instead the priests and the church are to point us to the one who can taken care of us and provide for our needs.

You can have a dynamic sermon, and awesome music, but in the end it will be forgotten after a while. The one that will remain and sustain us is Jesus.

The young lady had not realized that what she was missing was Jesus. I explained to her that when she goes to church that God is present and He can and will transform her and her family.

By being present at Church, they will hear the living Word of God through Scriptures; and receive Jesus in the Eucharist; and that the church community will be their source of encouragement and support.

The evil one wants you to stay home and feel isolated. However the Lord wants you to come. So for all the young families out there, I want to urge you to GO! God is present and He is changing you and your family whether you feel it or not. We the body of Christ, the Church needs you and your children. So the next time you feel tempted to stay home, please don’t. Come!

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