Have you ever wondered why people try to put you down or push you aside?

I wonder if they feel insecure? I know there were times that I let my insecurity and pride get in the way. Especially when it came to someone who did things smarter or better than me. I would feel small and insecure about who God made me to be.

Do you ever compare yourself to others? It's not a fair comparison, because you are comparing your weaknesses to other's strengths.Often times when you think you are lacking you begin to look at what others have and that is when insecurity sets in.

So what is a person to do to counter those feelings of insecurity?

Be grateful and count your blessings! When you begin to take an inventory of all that has been given to you, it is impossible to feel insecure. All that you have been given is a gift from God.

The gifts and talents you have been given are to serve a purpose. To want someone else's talents may not serve the purpose God has intended specifically for you.

Before you close you eyes at night take stock of your day and thank God for all you have been given.

Remember you are a gift to God and to the world and you have nothing to feel insecure about.

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