Handing On The Faith

This past weekend I went to visit family. As I was sitting in the church I had grown up in, I thought a lot about my legacy. Following Mass as I walked around the parish hall, I remembered the rooms I was taught in, who my teachers were and how I felt safe there.

It was in this church where I became a part of the faith community. The place where I was baptized; had my first communion and confirmation; and was married.

It is this faith community that handed on the faith to me, and each generation is still handing on the baton of faith to the next. It was inspiring to witness.

What I love the most about the place where I grew up is that I am related to a majority of them or have been friends with them most of my life. As we would hug one another, they would affirm and encourage me about my writings and ministry. To be honest, I didn’t know how to handle it. Because the whole time I was thinking I would not be doing anything in ministry, if it hadn’t been for these incredible witnesses who passed their faith onto me.

I was born into the family that I love so dearly and the place I call my hometown for a specific purpose. God knew what I needed for love, support and refinement. I gladly pick up this baton of faith and now pass it onto you.

I challenge you to look back on your legacy and recall those who have handed the faith down to you. Where would you be without these people in your life? Who do you need to pass your faith onto?

Give God thanks and praise for the ways He provided people in your life who were willing to step outside their comfort zones and share their faith with you. #Godlovesyou #handingonthefaith #lisafaheyministry