Practicing the Pause

Today there are many voices telling you what you should do, how you should think, and who you should be. The list goes on and on. I think it is interesting how bold we are to offer our opinions without ever being asked for an opinion.

I am not saying that I never have an opinion, or at one time or another offered my opinion. I have! There have been times I have regretted it later.

There is this saying to “practice the pause“. The pause is an opportunity for us to take the time to breathe and try to understand. In a way I think that is what my parents were trying to teach me when I was little. They would always say, “if you do not have nothing nice to say than don’t.” Do you see the opportunity it gives us to stop and pause? Or they would say, “put yourself in the other person’s shoes.” Once again, you see the opportunity to pause.

When someone comes to me and asks me for my opinion, may I remember to pause and say a prayer, “Lord help me to have the eyes to see, ears to listen, and the wisdom to know what to say or am I to refrain. Amen”

Proverbs 18:2 “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.”

What do you think would happen if we would pause first before offering an opinion?

#Scipture #Reflection #Prayer

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