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Lisa Fahey is an author, speaker, and publisher from South Dakota. She has led and written bible studies for women and small groups. In her home parish she serves and ministers middle school and high school youth.


Rise Up, Women of God, and


on SALE for the month of August, 2020


Bible Studies

  • Be the woman God has called you to be! A Catholic Scripture Study on 1 John and 2 John.

    Rise Up, Women of God

  • It's time to live your life as God intended it to be; simply! A study on Ecclesiastes.


  • FREE Online Bible Study. A reminder of how beautiful you are and how much Jesus loves you.

    You Are Loved

  • You are Becoming New.jpg

    It is easy to look around and feel overwhelmed with life. All God requires is that you have faith and trust in Him.

    You Are Becoming New


  • How your testimony can impact people in ways you never thought possible.

    Just As You Are

  • Learn how to simplify your holiday season with SIMPLY. Advent, a spinoff from SIMPLY.

    SIMPLY. Advent


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