“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” St. Augustine

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Lisa Fahey Ministry

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Author of Women's Bible Studies, and Books. Speaker for Women's Faith Event.


 Blogs, that I write are about my adventures and struggles in life.


Bible Studies, Leader's Guide, Videos, Books, and T-Shirts


Become a part of a community who is seeking to engage and encounter Jesus Christ!

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Lisa has a way of using personal life experiences and bringing Christ Alive in us. I have had the great pleasure of hearing Lisa teach and she brings Scripture teachings to life in a simple way that leaves you wanting to learn more. 

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An amazing book written by an amazing person. Thank you Lisa for writing this. I bought one for Wife, Grandma, Aunts & Daughters and everyone is enjoying it. God Bless You & Your Family!!!

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I went through the whole course alone, from my futon on early weekday mornings - but Lisa's inclusive spirit and warm style of writing made me feel as if I were part of a group. Her personal stories and comments give a very special relevancy to the course, and her knowledge of Scripture is so vast! After six weeks, I felt like a better woman and a stronger Christian, and am sure this must mean something to Lisa - even though we have never met; because that's how beautifully her caring and supportive personality comes out through her course. If you buy this, I recommend buying the weekly video sessions too!


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Lisa Fahey has a passion to bring women together to unleash women to discover their God given calling. To equip women to serve in the arena of influence God has placed them. Challenging women to move from a complacent Spiritual Life to a Life that God has prepared for them since the beginning of time! Rise Up Women of God!



A small of group my interdenominational faith sisters & I just completed this heart warming study of 1 John and 2 John. Lisa's sincere love of Christ and His word is authentically presented in her videos and beautifully written in her workbook companion. Although I have read these chapters of the Bible many times, this study helped me truly understand and accept that I am unconditionally loved by God as one of his children. As women of God we are called to holiness through his word, and are called to be disciples through our actions and love of our neighbor. 


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Throughout Lisa’s book, she encourages and challenges everyone to share their testimony. We never know who God may put in our path that can benefit from our story. Big or small, everyone has a story to share. Be authentic, be JUST AS YOU ARE, and that’s enough, for we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.


Happy Woman

Author Lisa Fahey shares her inspiring story in this easy to read book. It was uplifting and encouraging--reading this book was time well spent!



This book grabs you from the first chapter. Lisa Fahey’s story is so personal that any non believer would surely believe after reading the first chapter. Lisa pours her whole heart and soul in this book to tell her story and how important it is to share the little moments we see Jesus working in our lives. This bible study is perfect to get a few women together to share personal stories on how we see first hand God working in our busy lives today. I highly recommend this study.


For believers or even those nominally practicing a Christian faith, this book makes you think! Lisa's story alone is incredible, but she then gives good advice to those seeking to grow in their relationship with the Lord. She also challenges us to share our own stories. This book is good for for self reflection; it'd also be great for a small group to read and discuss--especially because the questions are provided!

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