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Several years ago, I asked God to place it on my friend's heart to invite me to a Bible Study. A couple of months following my prayer, she did just that.

During my time studying God's Word, I encountered Jesus, and my life was forever changed! By connecting with a small group of women we were able to be authentic and encounter Jesus in a personal way.

Are you ready to have an encounter with Jesus? Are you looking for community?

  • Start your own 'JUST AS YOU ARE' small group. Invite our friends to join you. You can order your books below or on Amazon.

  • Read the a chapter of the book and go over the three questions at the end of the chapter.

  • For an in-depth study, watch the video teachings to expand on each chapter of the book.

Jesus is waiting for you. Here is a postcard invitation you can either print or email to your friends.


 You got this girl!


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Have you ever looked at your life as a book? With each life change marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another? In my book, Just as You Are, I share my life story, and my testimony of my faith journey. As you read, you will be prompted to think about your own testimony; what your life chapters are, where new paragraphs start, and where to turn a new page.

Each one of us has a story to share, and no story is any more or less important than another. God wants you to share the story of you, just as YOU are, as a means of reaching others and drawing them to Him.

Join Christian Author and Speaker, Lisa Fahey, as she shares her own story with you, and watch as your own story unfolds along the way.