Lisa Fahey
Dec 3, 2017

Welcome to Simply. Advent

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Good morning! As you journey along with me this Advent, my hope is you encounter God with the expectation to be amazed by Him. Each week there will be a couple of posts to encourage conversation. So stop on by with a cup of tea or coffee and lets talk!

Lisa Fahey
Dec 4, 2017Edited: Dec 8, 2017

What do you want Christ to fulfill for you this Advent?


I am anticipating Christ to fill my families hearts with hope. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged through trials, and my prayer is that Christ fills their hearts in a mighty way with hope that they will be giddy because of it!


OK your turn, what do you want from Christ this Christmas?

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  • Lisa Fahey
    Dec 14, 2017

    Here is a great quote to ponder on. “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” St. Teresa of Calcutta. How has your Advent been going so far?